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Singing Lessons

Janice teaches from her studio based on the North Shore.  She shares her knowledge of the voice as an instrument with enthusiasm and passion to an ever increasing roster of pupils.  Janice is continually updating her skills and knowledge of the voice making singing lessons a joy and a challenge.

Singing lessons are 45 minutes in length and tend to cover education in the vocal instrument followed by warm ups that help emphasis this new piece of learning, and working on the piece of your choosing.

Janice teachers classical and music theatre and can help guide you in the development of a repertoire or teach you the pieces of choosing.

The Trinity and Royal Schools curriculum is taught to pupils who feel they would benefit from exams.

Janice auditions all pupils before teaching them and the first block of 10 lessons is on a trial basis, it is vital that the pupil and the teacher fit well together.

If you are interested in pursing lessons with Janice Webb please go to the contact us contact details.